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Mental Health, Mental Illness, Youth and Sexual Violence: An FAQ for Educators and School Administrators

This FAQ is tailored to Educators and School Administrators. It may be a helpful tool for Gender-Based Violence Public Educators who have experienced barriers conducting prevention trainings in secondary schools due to fear that sexual violence conversations may impact their students mental health. This FAQ answers questions to the following pertinent questions: What is mental health, mental illness, and why is […]

Draw the Line Campaign

What is Draw the Line? Sexual violence is a reality in Ontario. It is present in every city and community across the province and impacts the lives of our friends, family members and colleagues. Sexual violence can and must be eradicated. Since the early 1970s, community-based, grassroots organizations have been working tirelessly to stamp out […]

Responding to a Sexual Assault Disclosure: Practice Tips

This is a series of practice tips shared from EVA BC for responding to disclosures of sexual assault that were developed as part of their Western Canada Sexual Assault Initiative funded by Status of Women Canada. They are tailored to various sectors that include anti-violence workers, Indigenous services, child protection workers, settlement services, police, sheriffs, […]

Is Someone You Know Being Abused?

A resource by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General that provides information about identifying the warning signs of abuse and the ways to help: Is someone you know being abused? Do you know the warning signs?

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