Guides and Manuals

Trauma-Informed: The Trauma Toolkit

The Trauma Toolkit, which was designed for service organizations, health care facilities and individual service providers, is intended to help organizations ensure that the services they offer are trauma-informed and sensitive to the needs of people who are trauma-affected. The Trauma Toolkit Second Edition, 2013 Download (pdf)

Sexual Assault Worker Handbook, May 2016

This update of the Sexual Assault Worker Handbook last revised in 2007, was developed as part of the Western Canada Sexual Assault Initiative funded by Status of Women Canada. Updates reflect changes in policy, legislation and best practices. It also integrates recent developments in the understanding of the dynamics and impacts of sexual assault and how […]

Is Someone You Know Being Abused?

A resource by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General that provides information about identifying the warning signs of abuse and the ways to help: Is someone you know being abused? Do you know the warning signs?

Safety Planning Across Culture & Community: A Guide for Front Line Violence Against Women Responders

This guide provides in-depth information on the specific risk and safety factors relevant to groups of women who are disproportionately victimized and murdered. It includes dedicated sections on risk identification and safety planning with Aboriginal women, those who are immigrants or refugees, older and younger women, sex workers, women with disabilities, lesbian, bisexual and queer […]

Workplace Violence in Anti-Violence Programs: Strategies to Increase Worker Safety

This is the finalized version of EVA BC’s resource manual, Workplace Violence in Anti-Violence Programs:  Strategies to Increase Worker Safety (January 2013). The manual provides a number of strategies and practical tips to assist anti-violence programs in creating safer workplaces. Key topics covered by the manual are defining workplace violence, workplace and worker responsibilities, scenarios […]

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