Cross Sector Coordination

Revised Income Assistance Policies to Support Persons Fleeing Abuse

This CCWS Information Bulletin – Revised Income Assistance Policies to Support Persons Fleeing Abuse; March 2014 – was created by CCWS in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (MSDSI). It gives service providers information about the MSDSI Persons Fleeing Abuse policy and procedure changes that provide support to people fleeing abuse […]

Safety Issues Protocol

CCWS developed this protocol in collaboration with RCMP E Division to address concerns about police practice that affects women’s safety. The Safety Issues Protocol (SIP) Information Bulletin was originally published in June 2006 and this currently available version was updated in January 2014. Download file (pdf)  

Interagency Case Assessment Teams; Collaborating to Identify Risks and Increase Safety

This backgrounder provides an overview of Interagency Case Assessment Teams (ICATs). ICATs work to appropriately share information among agencies responding to domestic violence victims through coordinated risk identification, management and safety planning. The benefits of ICATS include better identification of risk factors, proactive supports to vicitms and offenders, elimination of systemic barriers to safety, reduction […]

Administrative Tasks for Coordination Initiatives

Attention to administrative work is central to the longevity of a coordination initiative.This document details a broad range of administrative work that might be involved in sustaining a coordination initiative. Download file (pdf)

Coordination Workplan

This document suggests basic tasks for coordination initiatives to take on that will help focus and direct the work of the initiative. Can be used by new initiatives or by initiatives that need to examine and/or refocus their work. Download file (pdf)

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