Our Work

Ending Violence Association of Canada (EVA CAN) is continuously working on developing programs with partners to be delivered across Canada.

GBV/Settlement Sector Project

In April 2019, four organizations from the anti-violence and settlement sectors partnered to begin collaborative work on developing a strategy to address gender-based violence (GBV) for newcomers and refugees. By building on current expertise, knowledge, and resources in the anti-violence and settlement sectors, this coordinated effort will recognize the reality that newcomers and refugees continue to experience structural barriers to accessing supports.

Over the next three years, with input from the settlement and anti-violence sectors, and through funding from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), this project will support settlement sector capacity building and a shared based of knowledge with a coordinated, comprehensive approach.

Programming with CFL

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In August 2015, the Canadian Football League (CFL) Commissioner, in partnership with EVA CAN, launched the National CFL Policy on Violence Against Women. This is a groundbreaking policy that has a core objective focused on the prevention of violence against women. It was developed by EVA CAN and has been designed to ensure that all CFL employees – players, coaches, officials, executives and staff – and its Member Clubs undergo mandatory education and training of the policy on an annual basis. It commits the CFL to respond to incidences and reports of gender-based violence, to assist those harmed by gender-based violence and seeks behaviour change on the part of perpetrators. The policy also aims to enhance the awareness and understanding of all current CFL members about gender-based violence and their respective roles and responsibilities in terms of policy implementation, prevention and response.

Another element of EVA CAN’s programming with the CFL is to act as the Permanent Consultant on critical incidents. As the CFL are experts in football and not gender-based violence, they seek the input and advice from us whenever a related incident arises. The aim is that those harmed by gender-based violence receive appropriate and timely support, that any decisions made are in keeping with ongoing concerns for the safety of women, children and the surrounding community, and that those harming others are assessed and offered help as well.


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