EVA Canada and Anova host Research Spotlight on Gender-Based Violence and COVID-19

On December 8, 2020, EVA Canada and ANOVA organized and hosted a virtual dialogue bringing together 15 researchers and advocates across the country currently researching the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gender-based violence services, service providers, and survivors.

Here is a brief summary of the common themes, gaps, and opportunities for further exploration that emerged from the discussion:

Key themes and common areas of focus:

  • strong focus on adaptations made by VAW/GBV shelters
  • the impact of the pandemic on the nature and prevalence of violence
  • challenges and adaptations related to the digital shift for services and affiliated digital divide
  • focused examinations of impact of the pandemic on specific systems and sectors, such as VAW services, and justice system — but not all systems, e.g. housing
  • importance of centring knowledge and experiences of communities with an intersectional lens
  • commonly-used methodologies: surveys and interviews with service providers


  • limited focus on the pandemic’s impact on tech-facilitated violence/abuse
  • almost no focus on the impact of the pandemic on GBV prevention work, including training and education
  • limited focus on the distinct impacts of the pandemic on sexualized violence; primary focus centres on IPV/DV
  • limited knowledge about and engagement with survivors not connected to services who may be most deeply impacted

Opportunities for further exploration and collaboration:

  • strengthening an intersectional analysis and approach to GBV and COVID research
  • teasing out the impact of the research on post-pandemic planning (the what and the who needs to be part of it)
  • creative and new methodological learnings and approaches best suited to conducting research during a pandemic
  • comparing learnings and findings among projects with similar areas of focus to develop well-supported findings that can be used to support advocacy efforts to further strength GBV services and supports

View a recording of the Research Spotlight below:

Interested in learning more and connecting with any of the researchers?

EVA Canada and Anova host Research Spotlight on Gender-Based Violence and COVID-19
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