Coordinating a National Action
Against Gender-Based Violence

Centring relationship-building and breaking down silos is a key foundation upon which EVA Canada was created. The Coordinating National Action Against Gender-Based Violence project focuses on strengthening both the organizational capacity of EVA Canada and the organizations and networks it works with to develop a coordinated, intersectional national network through which to focus on implementing the systemic change necessary to address the root cause of gender-based violence.

Through its own work in building capacity in the areas of governance, human resources, financial management and sustainability, and fund development, EVA Canada works towards building resources to support organizational capacity building across the sector.


How can we use research to build capacity for the GBV sector?

Understanding both the strengths and challenges of organizations within the GBV sector is foundational to building overall capacity. In this project, EVA Canada will explore research topics relevant to capacity building in the GBV sector and identify opportunities for knowledge-sharing with its members and partners.


How can we build capacity in the GBV sector to ensure survivors’ needs are met?

Meeting the needs of survivors requires a strong and healthy GBV sector. As part of this project, EVA Canada will be building its national inventory of services and supports for survivors. It will also be looking at ways to better understand how organizations working outside the GBV sector can play an important role in supporting survivors.



How can we build organizational policies and advocacy strategies that will strengthen the capacity of the GBV sector?

Building capacity within GBV organizations requires the development of sound policies, procedures, and tools. This project will support the development of governance, membership, and other policies, as well as exploring strategies for identifying advocacy priorities and goals.


What strategies and tools can we use to work collaboratively across the GBV sector?

Breaking down silos within the GBV sector is key to building collaborations and relationships that can support the complex work of ending GBV. This project will work to map the diverse organizations that make up the GBV sector, and facilitate spaces for advocates to connect to work collectively for change.