Advocacy Tools

Tools for Federal Government Advocacy on Gender-Based Violence

Analysis of 2021 Federal Mandate Letters through a Gender-Based Violence Lens

Following the 2021 fall election, the Federal Government issued mandate letters to its new Ministers offering guidance on their priorities. EVA Canada has analyzed these mandate letters to identify the priorities related to gender-based violence with the aim of facilitating advocacy efforts and holding the government accountable to its own promises and targets.

Tools for Advocacy on the National Action Plan on Violence Against Women & Gender-Based Violence

Community Engagement Session on Identifying Priorities for Addressing Sexual Violence in the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence

In March 2021, EVA Canada brought together sexual violence advocates from across the country to share their perspective on how the National Action Plan on Violence Against Women and Gender-Based Violence can meet the needs of survivors of sexual violence and the organizations that support them. The recommendations were centered around the proposed pillars of the National Action Plan including: support for survivors and families, social infrastructure and enabling environment (housing and children), promotion of a responsive legal justice system, prevention, and Indigenous-led responses.

Tools for Advocacy on Addressing Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence: A Public Health Crisis in Need of Proportional Response

Following the 2021 federal election, EVA Canada wanted to ensure that violence against women and gender-based violence were key priorities for the newly elected government. Built on consultations with sexual violence advocates across the country, we developed a resource that outlines how and why sexual violence is a key federal issue that should be centered in the action plans put out by federal party leaders and candidates.

Funding for Community-Based Sexual Assault Centres

This article outlines 10 reasons why funding for community-based sexual assault centres is essential. It can be used to explain the importance of funding to your municipal, provincial/territorial, and federal governments, as well as other funders.