About Us

Vision: The end of gender-based violence in Canada.

Mission: The Ending Violence Association of Canada (EVA Canada) is a national organization that works to amplify the collective voice of those who believe it is possible to end gender-based violence. Through research, education, policy, and advocacy, we work collaboratively with gender-based violence organizations from coast to coast to coast to identify and implement the institutional and systemic changes necessary to address the root causes of gender-based violence.

Our Logo

EVA Canada’s logo is inspired by the original vision driving the formation of the organization as a space that aims to foster collaboration and relationship-building. The design was built off of a dandelion motif to represent EVA Canada’s goal of amplifying and sharing the knowledge and wisdom held within the gender-based violence movement. The pieces of the “dandelion” represent the unique and distinct work, perspectives, and expertise within the gender-based violence sector but as a whole signifies  a strong, cohesive movement. The space between these parts and the opening that is left in the circle signifies  the work still to be done, and the opportunities to bring new knowledge, possibilities, and perspectives into EVA Canada’s work to end gender-based violence and the gender-based violence movement as a whole.

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EVA Canada thanks Reicura for its guidance in the design and development of this logo.

Our History

Recognizing the power of relationship-building and collaboration in ending gender-based violence, the Ending Violence Association of Canada formed in 2014 with the goal of bringing together all of those committed to the belief that it is possible to end gender-based violence.

The early work of EVA Canada was guided by a recognition of the need to strengthen opportunities for relationship-building, knowledge-sharing, and solution-building that challenged frameworks that promoted a siloed approach to gender-based violence work and movement building. This included remaining committed to a focus on tackling the systemic and structural roots of gender-based violence. Since 2014, EVA Canada has continued to grow organically welcoming provincial and territorial gender-based violence networks and organizations across the country as members and engaging in a variety of gender-based violence advocacy issues.

Our Work Today

Today, EVA Canada continues to work to build a diverse network of members, partners, and collaborators committed to tackling the structural and systemic inequalities that must be addressed in order to end gender-based violence.

Across the country, thousands of survivors, advocates, and organizations are working hard to end violence against women and other forms of gender-based violence. The Ending Violence Association of Canada is inspired by the creativity, wisdom, and knowledge possessed by the gender-based violence sector, and we work to ensure that decision-makers, policy-makers, funders, and others centre this knowledge.

Our Guiding Principles

The Ending Violence Association of Canada recognizes that working from an anti-oppressive, intersectional, decolonizing approach to end gender-based violence requires working thoughtfully, intentionally, collaboratively, and across sectors with partners and allies across Canada from coast to coast to coast.

EVA Canada builds on work that has come before and the other work that has and is being done in the violence against women and feminist sector. EVA Canada is committed to:
  • Applying an intersectional approach
  • Applying a human rights framework
  • Working from an anti-oppressive approach
  • Being survivor-centered and trauma informed
  • Promoting sustainable, systems-based and structural change