Third Party Reporting of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a serious crime often resulting in major physical or psychological injury.  Under-reporting of sexual offences remains a critical issue. It is important to remember that with a sexual assault, as with any violence offence, police can play … Continue reading

ICAT Brochure

This Interagency Case Assessment Teams information brochure can be used as a template for your organization’s ICAT. Download file (word document).

ICAT Orientation Presentation

ICAT (Interagency Case Assessment Team) Orientation Presentation. To view and edit the presentation, please click the following link: ICAT Orientation Presentation. For a copy of the presentation, please contact us.

Safety Issues Protocol

CCWS developed this protocol in collaboration with RCMP E Division to address concerns about police practice that affects women’s safety. The Safety Issues Protocol (SIP) Information Bulletin was originally published in June 2006 and this currently available version was updated … Continue reading

Third Party Reporting: Protocol Template

This 2-page template shows what information needs to be included in a Third Party Reporting Protocol, such as documenting agreed-upon responsibilities of each participating service provider or agency. Download file (pdf)