Critical Elements of an Effective Response to Gender-Based Violence

In 2016, the Ending Violence Association of Canada (EVA Canada) developed a series of 14 Briefing Notes on gender-based violence as a resource to support the work of Status of Women Canada and Department of Justice Canada in the development of a federal strategy on gender-based violence.

Briefing Note 1: Critical Elements of an Effective Response to Gender-Based Violence

Introduction to Briefing Documents:

Gender-based violence – both domestic violence and sexual violence – continues to undermine the safety of women and their children across Canada. Domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA) are increasing, despite repeated statements in the media about an overall decline in violent crimes reported to police across Canada. Police-report statistics are limited to only those criminal incidents that are reported to police. The General Social Survey (GSS) however, conducted by Statistics Canada, complement police-reported data from the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Survey by providing information on self-reported incidents of victimization that are both reported and unreported to police. According to the UCR Survey, the police reported violent crime rate declined in 2012, down 3% from 2011, to its lowest level since 1987. However, when DV and SA are disaggregated from police-reported violent crime and compared to self-reported victimization rates and other data, it can be seen that these crimes remain at consistently high levels or are actually increasing.

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